Moderators: Salah Al Faqih & Mohammed Abo Melha



Four Decades Anniversary of the Annual Saudi Urological Meetings

Mohammed Abo Melha

Evolution of Stone Management in Saudi Arabia

Salah Al Faqih


Moderators: Abdallah Ghazi & Mai Banakhar



Refractory Cases of OAB: Evaluation and Management

Sanjay Sinha

Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Magdy Hassouna

Non-Neurogenic LUTS in Young Males Beyond the Obvious

Ali Al Sulihem

Peripheral nerve stimulation (tibial nerve stimulation) for lower urinary tract disorders.

Magdy Hassonah

Peripheral Nerve Neuromodulation

Mohamed Asiri

Rezum complication and management

Dean Elterman

Urolift complication and management

Ananda Dhanasekaran

Incontinence Treatment in Transitional Urology

Sanjay Sinha

Current Efficacy and Limitations of Neuromodulation for Management of LUTS

Magdy Hassouna

Laparoscopic Approach of Pudendal Neuropathy: A New Approach of the Functional Disturbance in Urology

Renaud Bollens

Initial Short-term Outcomes of Water Vapor Therapy (Rezūm) As a Treatment for Begin Prostate Hyperplasia in Saudi Arabia

Moaz Hassan Alharbi, Hisham mohammed ghabbani ,Badr abdullatif alobaida,Mansour ibrahim alshehri,Alwaleed Abdullah Alqarni , Mahmoud Sami Haddad , Hossam S El-tholoth, , Abdalrahman Alrewaily,Tarek Alzahrani.

Moaz Hassan Alharbi

Comparison between Water Vapor Therapy (Rezūm) and prostate artery embolization as minimal invasive treatment modalities of Begin Prostate Hyperplasia

Moaz Hassan Alharbi, Hisham mohammed ghabbani , Mahmoud Sami Haddad, Faisal Abdulaziz Alsaleh, Abdullah Khalid Alrudayni, Hossam S El-tholoth,Tarek Alzahrani, Abdalrahman Alrewaily

Moaz Hassan Alharbi

Assessment of the effect of Rheumatological diseases on the voiding function: A comparative study.

Raed M. Almannie , Mana Almuhaideb, Meshari A. Alzahrani , Abdullah Almousa, Saleh Binsaleh , Ibrahim I. Almaghlouth, Eman Alqurtas , Abdulaziz Alkhalaf  , Mohammed Bedaiwi , Mohammed Mustafa , Yasser Bawazir   , Mohammed A. Omair



Moderators: Danny Rabah, Hassan Farsi, Abdullah Al Ghamdi & Mohamed Al Otaibi



Technology Enhancing Surgery for the Management of Complex Renal Masses

Raed Azhar

Case-Based Panel Discussion: RCC Management Dilemmas


Role of Transperineal Prostate Biopsy in Improving Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

Dr Khalid Al Othman

Proper Endoscopic Management of Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

Ashraf Abu Samra

Current Perspectives on the Management of Upper Tract Urethelial Carcinoma

Sultan Al Khateeb

Update in Prostate Cancer

Neal Shore

What urologists need to know about genetics of prostate cancer

Neal Shore

High Risk Non-Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer

Debate Session: Preserve Vs Excise

Antonio Alcaraz


Hassan Abol Enein

Controversies in management of advanced prostate cancer

Neal Shore

Update in urothelial carcinoma

Neal Shore

Late Complications of Urinary Diversion

Hassan Abol Enein

Complex Urinary Fistula

Hassan Abol Enein

Laparosocpic Management of Vascular Complications During Nephrectomy

Renaud Bollens

Laparosocpic Management of Non-Vascular Complications During Nephrectomy

Renaud Bollens

The Role of Robotic Surgery in Benign Urologic Conditions

Raed Al Azhar

Laparoscopic Management of Ureteral Strictures

Renaud Bollens


Moderators: Mohammed Alomar, Ibrahim Alabdali, Hussain Abeery & Abdulqader Zarooni



Saudi Endourology: Where to Go?

Mohammed Al Omar

New MIS Modalities for BPH:

 Are They Really Office Procedures

Tarek Al Zahrani

ESWL is Not Dead

Abdulaziz Al Amri

Ureteric Stones in Pregnancy

Turki Al Essawi

PCNL in Cases with Previous Renal Surgery

Mansour Nazari

PCNL Towards Miniaturization

Hatim Al Thubyani

Endoscopic Combined Intrarenal Surgery and Simultaneous Bilateral Endoscopic Surgery

Wissam Kamal

Medical Malpractice : Legal Perspectives

المسؤولية القانونية عن الأخطاء الطبية

Sheikh Dr Abdelsalam

Al Ghamdi

Laparoscopy Robotic for Stone Management

Abdularrahman Al Rwaily

What To Buy: Bipolar or Monopolar?

Abdullah Al Enezi

Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP) Initial Saudi Experience

Mohannad Al Harbi

Lasers for PCNL: True Versatility or Not?

Nasser Al Faqeeh

Would the New Lasers Change Stone Management Guidelines?

Saeed Bin Hamrih

Metabolic Evaluation for Every Patient, Is it Recommended?

Tarek Al Zahrani

The Efficacy Of Mirabegron As Medical Expulsive Therapy

Abdelrahman ali

Abdelrahman ali

Effective Ureteral Access Sheath Insertion during Flexible Ureteroscopy: Influence of the Ureteral Orifice Configuration

Raed A. Azhar, Musab M. Alghamdi, Abdullah A. Khawaji, Anmar M. Nassir, Sameer Munshi, Waseem Tayeb, Mohamed A. Elkoushy

Abdullah Abdu Yahya Khawaji


Moderators: Hamoud ALmatrafi, Amr Jad, Taha Abualmajd



Penile prosthesis under local anesthesia

Adel Aldayel

Difficult case scenarios in male infertility

Khalid Alrabeah


Saad Abumelha

Abdullah Alfakhri

Salih Binsalih

Mousa Alneemi

Abdulmalik Mirdawy

Khalid Bedaiwi

Difficult case scenarios in sexual dysfunction

Ayman Albakri


Abdulmajid Althubaiti

Fahad Almashat

Amr Jad

Abdulkarim Jubran

Hamed Alali

infection prevention strategies for penile prosthesis placement, Length preservation with penile prosthesis placement

Faysal Yafi

Use of soft penile implant during infection of inflatable penile implant in paraplegic patient and Peyronie’s disease

Christophe Llorens

Delayed ejaculation: approach   for management of an uncommon sexual dysfunction

Magdy El-Bahnasawy

Requirement for an electric pump for inflatable penile implant.first step done

Christophe Llorens

Updates on the management of Peyronie’s disease

Faisal Yafi

Three different approaches for inflatable penile implants insertion

Christophe Llorens

The role of varicocele repair before assisted reproductive technology

Naif Al Hathal

PDES Inhibitors Abuse in Young Males

Saeed Kattan

COVID-19 Effect On Reproductive and Sexual Health

Abdulaziz Baazeem

New WHO semen Parameters impact on Andrology  practice

Abdullah Alfakhri

Teratospermia and ART

Asma Albadran

MESSM Lecture

Talal Merdad

Pediatric Sessions

Moderators: Fouad Al Kawai,  A. Al Zahrani & Mohamed Eissa



Adolescent Varicocele: Management Update

Khaled Aldhabaan

Treatment of Refractory Enuresis in Children and Adolescents

Maha Al Madi

Usefulness of Cystogram in Patients Diagnosed with Multicystic Dysplastic Kidneys

Manerh Bin Mosa, Faisal Balaraj,       Fayez  Al  Modhen, Yasser Jamalalail, Ahmed Al Shammari , Tariq Burki

Manerh bin Mosa

Calyceal To Parenchymal Ratio As A Predictor for Surgical Correction Of Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction

Fayez Al-Modhen , Wael Moneir , Abdullah Al-Aqeel, Abdulwahab Al-Hams , Ahmad Al-Shammari, Ahmad Al-Zahrani, Yasser Jamalalail, Tariq Burki, Ameen Bashareef

Abdullah Al-aqeel

Modern Management of VUR  (Virtual)

Antoine Khoury

PUV: From Neonatal Management to Long-term Outcome (Virtual)

Antoine Khoury

Efficacy of electromotive drug administration (EMDA)  in delivering botulinum toxin  in children with neurogenic bladder ( intermediate follow up)

Hazim alsufyani  ,Mahmoud Abdalla Salem TRBAY, Mohamed ZAKI, Hamdan AL HAZMI, Fahad AL YAMI  and Khalid Fouda

Hazim alsufiany

Do we need any secondary interventions in pediatric patients with ureterocele after primary incision? Retrospective study      

*Waseem aboul ela, Said MS  , Morsi H.M and Shouman A.S

Abdel aziz

Renal Transplantation In Children With Abnormal Lower Urinary Tract: Single Center Experience

Abdulmohsen Al Faddagh, Osama Sarhan, Abdulrahman Al Sultan, Ahmed Al Shammary, Helmy Omar, Hamza Al Ghwanmah,

 Fouad Al Kawai.

Abdulmohsen Al Faddagh

“Comparison of the outcomes between the appendix and Monti channels used for Mitrofanoff procedure”

Wael Moneir, Ahmad Al-Shammari, Fayez Al-Modhen, Yasser Jamalalail, Tariq Burki

Abdullah Al-aqeel


Moderators: Ibrahim Al Oraifi & Antonio Alcaraz



Robotic Renal Transplantation

Antonio Alcaraz

Evolution of Donor Nephrectomy

Ibrahim Al Oraifi

Complex Renal Transplantation

Antonio Alcaraz

Pair-exchange renal transplantation

Mahmoud Obeid

Video Presentation

Antonio Alcaraz


Moderators: Magdy Hassouna, Maher Moazen & Mamoun Ezzibdeh



Vaginal Fistula: Lessons Learned

Sherif Mourad

To Mesh or Not To Mesh

Debate Session

Hashim Hashim


Riyad Al Mousa

Artificial Urinary Sphincter (AUS) for SUI, Does Gender Matter? Tips and Tricks

Hashim Hashim

Telemedicine in Clinical Practice

Rizwan Hamid

Management of Complications of Neurogenic Bladder Disorder

Rizwan Hamid

Rezum as Office Based Procedure

Khalid Al Rumaihi


Moderators: Baher Kamal,  Abdullah Khayyal & Reem Aldamnhori



Female Urethral Stricture Management

Abdullah Ghazi

Urethrocutaneous Fistula: The Dark Maze

Faisal Al Hajeri

Management of Adult Hypospadias: Different Approaches

Ehab Al Sayyed

Recent Advances in Urethral Stricture Management

Raed Al Mannie

Post TURP Urethral Stricture: Guided Approach

Abdullah Khayyal

Controversy in Urethral Reconstruction

Faisal Al Hajeri

Endoscopic Management of Urethral Stricture: What is the Best Modality?

Ali Al Sulihem